A denture is a removable dental appliance replacements for missing teeth and surrounding tissues that can be taken out and put back into your mouth.They are made to closely resemble your natural teeth and enhance your smile.Dentures enables you to eat and speak normally. Few people want to have their teeth extracted just to look better.But when restoring the teeth is impossible because there is simply not enough tooth structure left , dentures are an alternative.

It is important from cosmetic standpoint,however, that you need not to allow too much time to lag between tooth loss and tooth replacement. Tooth loss causes the face to collapse and the mouth to sink in. At the same time , the nose appears to drop down toward the chin. Deep lines begin to form in the creases of this collapse skin , adding years to the face.

Full dentures can make you look younger because there is almost no limit to what the dentist can creat with them.

Reasons for dentures: Complete Dentures- Loss of all teeth in an arch.

Enhencing smile and facial tissues.

Improving chewing, speech and digestion.

Removable Complete Denture:

When gums and bone heal properly, removable complete denture is prepared .

Types of dentures:

Complete and Partial Dentures


The process of getting denture require several appointments . There are about 5 appointments.

First appointment – Primary impression

Impression of gums and jaws is made with the help of trays. The trays used to make the impression are of standard pre fabricated sizes. of teeth set.

Second appointment – Final Impression:

This is very important step. It decides the fit of a denture. The tray used to make this impression is specially fabricated for every individual.This consist of two stages:

1. Border Moulding

2. Zinc-eugenol paste impression

Third appointment – Jaw Relation:

It decides position, size, shape of teeth and hence, is a significant step in denture making. With the help of wax a relation between upper and lower jaw bone noted. This relation is sent to laboratory

Fourth appointment – Trail :

With the help of jaw relation taken previously, a denture in wax is made where all the teeth are placed in wax. This trail denture is placed in patients mouth.This enables the patient to note the size , color,occlusion and overall appearance of his teeth .Any changes regarding his teeth can be fixed at this stage,hence is a decisive stage.

Fifth appointment – Denture Delivery :

A polished denture is delivered to the patient. Instructions of how to use a denture are given to the patient.

Sixth appointment – Follow-ups :

A new denture may hurt , like a shoe – bite. And hence may require little adjustments

Are measured for size with the natural teeth intact, and they are placed the same day as your remaining teeth are removed. With this type of denture, You skip the try in stages that accompany the fitting of other models. Because gums and bone tend to shrink after extraction, these dentures may become loose.

Immediate Removable Complete Denture: After extraction of teeth , shrinkage of bone takes place for first 1-2 months and hence a temporary denture is given to the patient.This is called as immediate denture.

Partial Dentures-loss of several teeth in an arch.

Valplast Flexible Dentures