About us

Run by leading DENTISTS of Patiala.

By continuously staying up-to-date on the latest advances in dentistry, and by using the highest quality dental materials and equipment, you can rest assured that you will always receive the finest care. Whether your dental needs are simple or you are looking for an entire cosmetic make-over, you will always leave our office with a comfortable, healthy, beautiful smile.

We are an ISO 9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004 Certified practice!!
We are Committed to Provide Quality treatment for our Patients and this is just a reflection of that achievement.

LOCATION: ​A State of Art Dental Clinic-Established in 1997, is situated at in 19-20,B.N. KHALSA SCHOOL COMPLEX, TRIPURI ROAD, PATIALA. The nearby landmarks are The Gurudwara Shri Dukhniwaran Sahib, Patiala / Sirhind Road / Govt. Press / FCI Godown / Preet Nagar /Kohli Sweets /

It is managed by specialist DENTISTS -

Our Team

Our Team consists of dedicated individuals
who are kind, friendly,and caring.Our staff is here to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience during your visit to our office.

Our team includes experienced and energetic people
whose goal is to communicate well with our patients and provide the best care possible while addressing any concerns.

REST ROOM/WASHROOM: facility is available.

POWER SUPPLY:​ Uninterrupted power supply is ensured with a powerful generator.

For the convenience of our clients, a Card Swipe Machine is also available.

Our Committment to Environmental Protection

As per the directions of Central & Punjab Pollution Control Board, all the Bio Medical Waste like Used Syringes/ Needles, Cotton, Gloves, Suction Tips etc generated in our Dental Office is segregated, sealed & handed over to M/s Medicare Environmental Mangement Pvt. Ltd., Ludhiana for proper treatment / disposal. ​

Water used to wash instruments/ Blood/ Saliva in suction machines are stored & treated with 10% Sodium Hypochlorite before being released into drainage system. ​

Good oral hygiene begins at home,but is supported best by regular visits to your dentist.Prevention,as well as early detection and trearment of problem conditions,are key to maintaining good oral health.We invite you in for a complete dental consultation with our dentists.Dr Manjainder Singh Duggal,Dr Amandeep Kaur Duggal Please walk in on working Days for dental check up and take time for Treatment. Reminder Message/sms will be send to the patient

  • Days

    Duggal Dental Clinic is Open
    Monday to Saturday
    (6 Days in a week)

  • Dental Office Timing
    Mon-Sat  morning 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
    Mon-Sat evening04:30 pm – 6:30pm
    Lunch Time02:00 pm – 4:30pm
    Sunday Closed
  • Patient History

    It is important to carry complete Patient Clinical History.All prescriptions against which medicines are being administered to the Patient.


At Duggal Dental Clinic we continually evaluate the latest dental technology to give our patients leading-edge treatments backed up by the best evidence.

  • Fully Programmable Electronic Chairs
  • High Low Suction
  • Low Radiation Exposure Dental X-Ray : Sopix2
  • Computer aided operatory
  • Light cure unit
  • Root Canal Treatment by ROTARY Endo System
  • Dental Laser
  • Ultrasonic Scaler
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Instrument Packing Machine
  • Sun Auto Clave Class B
  • U V Chambers
  • Syringe warmer
  • Fogger Machine

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1. Cleaning



4.Storage & Delivery

Disposable Practice

This is a unique and innovative concept that we have implemented in our practice to ensure complete hygiene and sanitation. We sterilize every appliance before and after treatment in line with industry standards, but to demonstrate that we go the extra mile when it comes to ensuring patient health and safety, we have adopted a totally disposable practice. Each treatment is completed using brand new equipment, fresh from a sealed, sterilized bag. Each tool is made fro the best materials, sourced from industry-leading dental clinics from the United States and beyond.

Once treatment is completed, we reseal each piece of used equipment and return the bag to you, where you can either store it for eventual sanitization and reuse or dispose of it safely. Our practice puts health, safety, and environmental concerns at the forefront of our minds, and through our disposable practice we affirm our commitment to our patients and to our planet.


Our dental clinics are well equipped with the latest in dentistry equipment to provide dental treatments that are safe and comfortable for our patients. To achieve unparalleled results, we stress clinic hygiene and use stringent sterilization techniques unrivaled by any other clinic.

Our procedure includes a combination of disinfecting, water maintenance, and ultrasonic cleansing to ensure 100% cleanliness of each dental appliance. All surfaces in our clinics are disinfected with IDA approved disinfectants to keep the clinic hygienic and healthy on a daily basis. Our water lines and appliances are regularly maintained by qualified maintenance staff.

Dental appliances are mechanically washed before being fed through ultrasonic chemical cleaners which use vigorous sound waves to scrape off any debris and make the appliance clean and free of any contaminants. Once the appliance is chemically cleaned, we use the cutting edge Autoclave Technology, which uses unique color-coding, to indicate when the appliance is 100 percent clean. This completes the sterilization process without any human interaction and free of any errors that could compromise patient safety. Materials used in our dental clinic in Gurgaon are as fresh as new during each dental treatment, arriving in newly sanitized and sterile airtight bags for every patient, while our dental teams redress in hygiene essentials such as gowns, gloves, caps, goggles, and more before and after every service.

You can expect the highest level of professionalism in our services and sterilization procedures because we’re committed to your safety and security.

Step 1= Cleaning
Used Instrument Soaked in for 30 Minutes

Germicidal Ulrasonic UC32

Whenever Possible,it is best to mechanically clean instruments with an ultrasonic or washer using a neutral ph detergnet.

Mechanical cleanig has been proven to be up to 16 times more effectiveover manual cleaning.

Step 2= Packing

Instrument Packaging Should be Done in a clean, Low contamination area using only FDA approved materials,

Such As:

Sterilization Pouches

Sterilization wrappers

Sterilization containers

Step 3= Sterilization

A Class B Sterilizer is a Steam Sterilizer that uses a vacuum pump to remove air/steam mixtures from the chamber prior to sterilization cycle beginning. This process can remove 99% of the air inside of the chamber before the temperature and pressure increases to it's necessary parameters.

This dynamic air removel provides the necessary conditionsto sterilizeany load type,inculding porous or hollow materials,products in pouches,textiles and hollow items like wands,turbines, handieces and tips

Step 4= Storage & Delivery

Sterile items should be storedin a manner that reduces the potential for contamination

The shelf-life of sterile packages is event related and depents on the quality of the packaging material,storage conditions and amount ofhandling

Quality assurance


To provide safe treatments with lasting results, we only use dental materials from leading manufacturers around the world. Almost all materials used during treatments at our dental clinic carry a warranty that is recognised globally. Implants are all Nobel Biocare with a 20-year replacement warranty. Our Royal Crowns and root canal treatments feature a 5-year warranty. Filling and ceramic veneers both offer 3-year free replacement warranties to ensure that if any issues occur your smile is fixed free of charge as soon as possible.

Power Jet Fogger

Power Jet Fogger Machine. Fogger Machine consume negligible power and virtually require no maintenance. Provides operation theater fumigator to suit the requirements of each and every medical profession.Power Jet Fogger Machine These operation theater fumigator are used in most of the Indian hospitals and dispensaries,pharmaceuticals .Power Jet Fogger Machine

Sharp Air Purifier

Sharp Air Purifier FP-j30M-B for Homes & Offices|DualPurification - Active (Plasmacluster Technlogy) & Passive Filters (True HEPA + Carbon + Pre-Filter)| Captures 99.97% of Impurities |White)


Duggal Dental Clinic Vision is to improve Public's Oral Health Related Qualtiy of Life.
Our Dental Practice exist to provide best
Quality dental care & Better smile to our Patients.


As Dental Professionals our goal is to Provide comfortable,
comprehensive,high guality dental care, using state of the art materials,technique and equipment and provide an efficient system
to deliver optimum oral health .At Duggal Dental Clinic Our Mission is to Listen First then deliver individualised, uncompromised treatment and care.
Quality dentalcare& Better smilevto our Patients.

Our Motto

Excellence in Dentistry redefined