OPG (Orthopantomagram)

OPG (Orthopantomagram)

Full Mouth X-Ray (OPG)

O.P.G. (Panoramic dental x-ray) is First step of investigation for diagnosis of your dental problem and key diagnostic tool for assessment/diagnosis/detection for disease of teeth and jaw bone.

OPG's highlight hidden dental issues

What is OPG X-Ray?

An orthopantomogram (OPG) is an advanced type of Full Mouth Dental X-Ray.

An OPG is a panoramic or wide view x-ray, which displays all the teeth of the upper and lower jaw on a single film. It demonstrates the number, position and growth of all the teeth including those that have not yet surfaced or erupted.

OPG X-Ray produces a 2 dimensional view of the maxilla and mandible (upper and lower jaw bone). A specialized x-ray machine is used to produce the images. During an OPG examination, part of the equipment will rotate around the patient’s head while they remain in a still, standing or sitting position.

How is dental OPG done?

The scan procedure involves you resting your chin on a small chin rest in front of the x-ray machine and biting softly on a sterile mouthpiece while pressing your tongue against the hard palate. You will be asked to maintain maximum stillness during the scan for ensuring clear images.

Uses of OPG X-Ray in Dentistry

Teeth & Jaw Bone (General Review)

Fractures of Jaw Bone & Teeth

Infection of Teeth & Jaw Bone

Tumors & other Jaw Bone Diseases


Teeth (Cavities)

Teeth Impaction